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  • WEBER.CZ is a group of companies linked by a common business partner: Filip Weber. Aside from his position as a co-owner in each of the companies in the group, Filip is also actively involved in their management.

  • The key values of the WEBER.CZ group of companies include high-quality execution with an emphasis on project follow-through and satisfied customers.

  • Filip’s main role is to search for talented individuals who become the building blocks of high‑performance teams in the group’s companies.

  • The most valuable assets of all of the WEBER.CZ group companies are the people in them – including all of the business partners and employees. Each individual makes a valuable contribution to the company. Their shared core assets include expertise, honesty, and hard work.

  • The companies in the WEBER.CZ group of companies do not draw on EU subsidies. According to Filip, subsidies distort free competition and breed corruption.

wwiCompuNet s.r.o., established in 2006

CompuNet s.r.o. is a highly specialized company focusing on design and development of IT networks. The company offers top quality services in the area of IT network design, administration and security. Functionality and security are the utmost priorities in project execution. The team of specialists at CompuNet s.r.o. consists of industry experts with many years of experience, extensive knowledge, and requisite certifications.

wwiSirwisa a.s., established in 2015

Sirwisa a.s. is a purely Czech software company specializing in development of software security solutions and products.

Sirwisa a.s. develops and markets LOGmanager security log analysis software.

wwiWEBER system s.r.o., established in 1996

WEBER system s.r.o. originally focused on developing management solutions for computer networks based on Novell NetWare OS and on installation of structured cabling for IT networks.

In 1999, the company launched production of wire cable trays that were designed in-house. The cable trays sold successfully both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The company WEBER system s.r.o. terminated its structured cabling installation business in 2004 and sold its cable tray manufacturing business in 2006.

Today, the company WEBER system s.r.o. publishes travel guides and photo-books.

wwiWEBER invest a.s., established in 2015

WEBER invest a.s. is a development company that does business with land plots for development of warehouses and production facilities.

wwiReal-estate development projects, purchase and sale of land and rental of warehousing space.

JBP-E2 s.r.o. –Rental of warehousing space in Jenec Business Park
JBP-KW s.r.o. – Rental of warehousing space in Jenec Business Park
WI-2017 s.r.o. – A development company with land plots for development of warehouses and production facilities
New Revolution a.s.  – Development project Sodomkova

Procon a.s. – A land development company, sold in 2015
FW-consulting s.r.o. – A land development company, sold in 2015

wwiFilip Weber’s personal website about travelling.

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